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Black Author looking askance
Author & Chocolatier

Mx. Nik Woolfolk

Nikki Woolfolk (They/Them) is a professional chocolatier, published author of short and long fiction, a public speaker, and a fixture within certain fandom and convention-based communities.

A latchkey kid of film noir, cozy mysteries, and gritty detective novels.

Proud Blerd and self-proclaimed Kween of the Side-Eye, award-winning author Nikki Woolfolk sculpts decadent desserts and fantastical fiction with equal skill and flair.

Their goal is to bridge the gap between joie de vivre, of fandom and geeky things, and the prestige and know-how of culinary community.

When they are not playing a never-ending game of “what if” in a writing space that’s part DieselPunk, part Willy Wonka, they’re drawing on their former STEM career and collection of quirky experiences to work up new recipes in their kitchen (tasting encouraged), designing their Goth-inspired garden (tasting decidedly DISCOURAGED), and mashing up real and fictional worlds on social media (virtual kitchen table is always open). Join their cogged-and-geared world at NikkiWoolfolk.com.

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