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Being an author and a chocolatier is full of creativity, strategy, and technique. Not everyone is able to communicate how they create, but I’ve been teaching children and adults a range of topics over the last 10 years.
Each opportunity allows me to share what I know, but learn how to convey that information to people that learn in different ways.
My hands on experience with the craft of writing fiction and non-fiction, has offered me the opportunity to speak on multiple topics. Prior to becoming a professional writer I worked in the hospitality industry as a concierge.
Decades later I still have a knack for pairing people with what they need, including, but not limited to:
  • Teaching the craft of writing fiction
  • Tips on how to organize your space to ease anxiety and complete tasks
  • Learn what to do to ease the physical strain of the repetitive movement that day job, night job, or side hustle demands on your body
I am a published author in fiction and non-fiction (engineering, IT, food and health science) and currently finishing my Library Science degree with the focus on Archival Studies.
Also, Massage Therapy (Pre/Post Natal, Neuromuscular Therapy), Yoga Teacher (Kids Meditation, Vinyasa, Hatha, Thai Yoga Bodywork), an Herbalist, and Pastry Chef/Chocolatier.

Are you available to speak at our event for free?

While I love talking about writing, chocolate, organizational tools and more any time I use to prepare and attend an event takes me away from writing books and creating chocolate to sell. Due to this important factor I have a fee for any event I attend and present whether it be in person or virtual. Still interested to have me speak at your event? Send over an email with your even details and I’ll send you a packet that gives details on the range of topics I speak on, speaker fee, travel/lodging requirements.

How far in advance do you book out?

Six (6) months to one (1) year out.

May I suggest topics or panels we’d like you to speak on?

Absolutely! While I have a range of topics I love to speak about event planners and coordinators know their audience and what they come back for each year. I’m agreeable to brainstorming together and even doing a mash-up of topics if it benefits your patrons.

Can you provide free books or other items for our fundraiser event?

Unfortunately, at this time I cannot provide free items for an event.

We’d love to have you provide a story for our anthology. Are you available?

Multiple factors must be taken into account before I give an affirmative to an anthology request. Please email the details of your request, the deadlines, the requirements for the entry, and anything else you feel is pertinent in order for me to determine if it’s a good fit for me and my schedule.

How long does it take you to create a novel? Novella? Short story?

It depends on my schedule outside of writing. Also, no matter the length of my stories heavy research of historical information, technical details that include algebraic formulas (yes, really), and the common responsibilities that come with creating stories from my noggin. Yes, that’s not a definitive answer, but in my defense it’s a very general question. Each book is different and so the answer varies depending on my past work and what I’m currently working on which could one story or several at the same time.

Where do you get your ideas?

Same as you and everyone else. Ideas for stories don’t arrive only if I’m sitting in front of my keyboard. I could be doing something mundane, riffing on a movie or a situation I witnessed or was in. Though I am known for coming up with topics and connecting them when others are sure they do not have a connection. My mind is able to find a common thread with things others may not see.

I have a great idea for a novel. Can I give you the idea so you can write it and we'll split the profits from the book sales?

Hard pass. No thank you. No. Non. Nyet. Nope. That’s a negative, good buddy

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