We filled last year quietly pursuing personal growth goals. With the loving support of my friends I achieved a lot. While I didn’t reach all my writing goals I did achieve a degree after writing dozens upon dozens of research papers that were a minimum of 10 pages wach.

Apparently, the latter held of my 2021 included self-care of not writing. To ease into things I’m writing short articles and hope they are accepted to various magazines that you read. I’ll keep you informed.

Nikki Woolfolk is the author of multiple Steampunk (Sweet & Steamy series) and Cozy Food Mystery stories and a Professional Chocolatier. Until a dozen years ago she feared all kitchens, but found inspiration from a film about a rat who longed to cook in a French kitchen and swiftly made her way to a NYC culinary school. Working as a stagiere anywhere she could Nikki received her Advanced Pastry and Chocolatier Certification and has worked with some of the top chefs in her field. Nikki enjoys taking her readers on culinary adventures in a spectacular cogged and geared world with the perfect recipe of fun and adventure with a dash of wit!

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