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Get to know us via the media and press kits provided on this page. Note that each section will be updated so remember to bookmark this page for reference.

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Sales Sheet, Press Kit, Book Club Questions

Nikki Woolfolk's Author Media Kit

Details about what we are subject matter specialist (SME) in, books we’ve written, upcoming novels, and basic information can be answered via our media and press kits. Read through them first to discern if we are the right fit as an interview subject, your convention panel or workshop speaker, or to gain more information about carrying our novels in your bookstore.

We’ve provided different sized author headshots and social media banners on the left. Along with printable pdfs of current sell sheets of our novels, press kit package, and a short, but not complete list of resources used to build my speculative fiction world below.

Author's Short Bio

A latchkey kid of film noir, cozy mysteries, and gritty detective novels, Nikki Woolfolk writes humorous mysteries with a bite.

Author's Social Media Invite blurb

Join the cogged-and-geared world at And follow on Instagram, Twitter, BookBub, and Facebook for behind-the-scenes of the author, the raising of Menashe, and the Lunesta-inspired surreal ‘coupleship conversations’ with longtime partner Nerd.

Different sections on this page can be treated a la carte in gathering last minute author pictures or bios for an agreed upon event. Sales Sheets of our current and debuting novels and series (available in print, digital, and audio) and a printable Book Club Questions for selective books in popular series are available further down the page.

We’ve provided a page and a printable list of the books in our series with suggested reading order. You can find it here or scroll down the page for the pdf.

Our novellas and novels are for audiences that love watching historical shows like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries, and Miss Scarlet and the Duke.

As well as contemporary romantic comedies like Always Be My Maybe, Populaire, and HITCH.

Don’t let the humor interwoven in our stories fool you. Nikki Woolfolk addressed universal issues of grief, political turmoil, inequality, LGBTQ+ representation, and the importance of family-found/made support in times of crisis.

Click here for a sample copy of RIVETED‘s list of discussion questions.

Our alternative history novels are part of the same unique world and setting. RIVETED is a collection of novellas set in 1880 and its genre is romance with a sub-genre descriptor of steampunk or gaslamp fantasy.

Mise en Death is part of the Bittersweet Mystery Series featuring a chef and female amateur-sleuth Alex LeBeau. Though set in 1881 and beyond the main genre this series is under is mystery, thriller, and suspense under the sub-genre culinary cozy mystery.



This 2021 Press Kit includes:

  • Biography
  • Quick Facts about our most current book
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Contact & Social Media Information
  • Press Release, Book Excerpts and Reviews
  • Book Club Discussion Questions
  • Printable Book List

Offbeat, Romantic, Pride-position novellas set in the alternative historical town of Stubborn, New Virginia.

Each standalone novel follows the adventures of everyone’s favorite Steampunk Chocolatier and amateur-sleuth Chef Alex LeBeau. This culinary mystery series is filled with risque humor and witty characters set against a diverse world.

What is Steampunk/funk, Gaslamp and what makes my world different than others?

Description of how I include real history into my fiction

Brief intro of these short videos that describe our process, world, and reason for changing things

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