Dare to Bare: Coming Out One Steampunk Story at a Time

Originallyfrom Love Byte Reviews Decades ago when I first decided to take myself seriously as a writer I would write in different genres, but always tried to have the romance between a male and a female. The adventurous were always fun to write, but I felt so awkward trying to write straight characters. Several manuscripts […]


Acts of Kindness: A Cinderella Story Reimagined

Originally on Literary Escapism Blog for Cinderfella (The Men of Summerly) There are moments in our life when we are filled with doubts and we wonder if anything great will happen or any kindness will be shown our way. It is a treasure to find a friend that reminds you of the existence of such […]


Shakespeare & Steampunk: Romancing the Words

Originally posted on Love Romance Passion Guest Blog When I decided to write the second installment in my Steampunk romance RIVETED series I never imagined that of the mashup, but the results caused my own hear to flutter and be swept up in the magic that only Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream play can do.  In […]